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Howard ‘H’ Smith
"Marc Jackson is a genuine thrash monster but also an authentic rock drummer. It's very rare to find those qualities all in one drummer, but Marc is that drummer. It's like Bill Ward and Paul Bostaph had a baby."
Tony ‘Demolition Man’ Dolan
Venom, Atomkraft, M:Pire of Evil
"Marc Jackson and I worked within M:Pire of Evil recording an album and touring the world for several years. Without doubt he is one of THE best new drummers to come along in a very long time. His adaptability and his professionalism along with his old school head and approach fused with a new school adrenaline and style makes for not only a powerful and interesting drumming approach but also many layers and depths to his style I have not heard or seen in a very very long time."
Sean Taylor
"Marc Jackson lives and breathes drums and that is how he keeps on progressing as a player"
Geoff Barton
"Drumming sensation"
Craig Hogan
"To say Marc is a talented drummer is an understatement, what Marc has is an abundance of talent that spreads across multiple musical genres."
"Damn JXN is a monster… the double kick-drum work through the tail-end of the solo is just vicious, while over the top are some just amazingly executed fills"
Grigoris Chronis – Metal Kaoz
“The drummer was a semi-god in his kit playing”
Mike – lithiummagazine
“Marc Jackson, a drummer in his early twenties, bashed out the backbone to M:Pire's and Venom's songs like a road tested pro. That he's only been in the band a few months was audibly not apparent - he's an adept drummer indeed”
Michael Downie – M.W.D reviews
“The drum work is absolutely phenomenal. From his rapid fire kick trills in the first guitar solo to Dead By September to the breakneck speed of Witness his drumming style conjures up memories of the likes of Dave Lombardo’s work on the early Slayer records.”