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Check out the new official lyric video for Acid Reign – Ripped Apart

I am now the drummer for NWOBHM legends ‘Fist’! I would like to say a huge thank you to Harry for passing on the torch to myself and im looking forward to my first show this year and this will be my first show as the new drummer for Fist at Trillians in Newcastle on the 24th of January! See you there!


I am now officially endorsed by Ahead drum sticks! It is a real honour for me to part of Ahead alongside some of my biggest influences in drumming!

Click link below to check out my profile on the Ahead website!

I will be stepping in for the nwobhm band ‘Fist’.

I would like to wish Harry Hill all the health and recovery possible! Stay strong!

The brand new song ‘The New Low’ from the upcoming Acid Reign album ‘The Age Of Entitlement’  



Its been a while but they’re back with arguably their finest
album to date. Acid Reign will release their third full length on
Dissonance this September.

Vocalist Howard Smith had this to say:

“For our first album in 29 years it was vitally important that
we find the right home and I feel we have. From the very first
contact it was obvious that the Dissonance team not only had
an overwhelming enthusiasm for what we have recorded but
the intelligence and infrastructure to deliver.
Many involved are the same people I dealt with when curating
The Apple Core Archives in 2014 which was a hassle free
experience, so we are going to release a four disc retrospective
Acid Reign Anthology package after the new album comes out
cos I found some more old stuff and our two singles need a CD
home. Who knows you may even see some vinyl reissues too!
We cannot wait to unleash this beast and hit the road in support
of it, once it’s out it will be two years since we started writing
and a year since we recorded it. No one is as keen as us for you
all to hear the results. Over the next few months we’ll be drip
feeding you all information, we have so many plans for really
cool things that we think you are all going to love. Stay tuned.”
Label head honcho Steve Beatty:
Its great they are back with a new album and I am pleased they
are on the Label, its another great addition to the roster and
I’m excited about the new album. As long as they don’t cover
anymore Blondie songs Im a happy camper!!!!

In 1991 Acid Reign left an ailing UK thrash scene with a final
show at the London Marquee. They toured with the likes of
Nuclear Assault, Dark Angel, Exodus, Flotsam & Jetsam, Death
Angel, and Candlemass. During this time they put out two full
length albums namely The Fear and Obnoxious following on
from their Mini Album debut in 1988, Moshkinstein. A final
compilation “The Worst Of Acid Reign” was released and their
brief but highly productive career came to an end.
Since returning from a 24-year absence the band featuring
original vocalist Howard H Smith, Pete Dee (Bass), Paul
Chanter (Guitar), Marc Jackson (Drums) & Cooky (Guitar) have
been busy. On the back of two new songs Plan Of The Damned
(2015) and The Man Who Became Himself (2017) they hit the
road both at home and throughout Europe for numerous tours
and festival appearances. Including the now legendary recordbreaking Headline slot of the Sophie Stage at Bloodstock 2016.

During this time, they have earned themselves a fearsome
live reputation famous for its high energy, mass stage diving
and violent pits. Reeling off old school classics from their back
catalogue they have become a must-see act that has seen the
band sign with K2 live agency (Metallica, Slayer, Anthrax).
With a new album already recorded their time to reign has
come again.

My band ‘Sin Theta’ have just released their debut self titled EP and it’s getting great reviews and feed back! You can purchase this EP by messaging the band at or via email

We have also brought out a lyric video for a song from the EP named ‘Obsolescence’ which you can watch by clicking on the video below! 

Sin Theta’s song ‘No Allegiance’ which is a unreleased demo came No 3 for the best album’s of 2018 from Dan on Metal Express radio…. Read by copying and pasting the link!

Big Thank you to Dan and the Metal Express team for this!

My band Sin Theta have been announced for Amplified Festival 2019! We will be performing on the main stage on the 20th July next year

I would like to say a huge thank you to Sabian for having me as part of their family and putting my profile on their website. You can check it out by copying and pasting the link below!

Just to let you know that this website has been down for a while now, so a few updates will be done very soon to keep you posted on whats been going on. I’ve been busy recording drums for the new Acid Reign album which is sounding absolutely killer! Best Acid Reign album to come? I think so! I have also been recording drums for my band Sin Theta for our first ever ep which is sounding great! Can’t wait for you to hear it! If you have time please take a moment to check out my webpage on patreon if you would like to help support what i do! Copy and paste the link below! Anything helps and as always thank you for your support!

Acid Reign Published by Howard Smith 


We can announce that we will be recording with Colin Richardson and Jayce Lewis this summer. Jayce did a great job under huge pressure on The Man Who Became Himself and we can’t wait to work together again. Colin is an old friend of the band whose metal CV is simply stunning. If you look at Obnoxious you’ll see Colin gets a thanks as he got the sound for the narrated section on Thoughtful Sleep, 28 years later he’s back! The album will be out at some point in 2019, in discussions with a few labels.

Played the Scala last weekend with Acid Reign 

Performing with Triaxis on this tour has been an absolute blast!

I had an absolute blast in Spain with Acid Reign and I managed to get the crowd to sing Happy birthday to H. Good times! 

Keep an eye out for more tour diaries coming soon!

Drum cam footage from my home town in Newcastle 

The new Acid Reign song ‘ The Man Who Became Himself’ is available now! to buy copy and paste the link:


My band Sin Theta will be playing their first ever gig next month alongside Triaxis in my home town! Very excited about this! 

More news! I will be performing with the mighty Atomkraft at Old Grave Fest in October this year with Venom Inc front man/bassist Tony Dolantoo in Romania Official Romanian Thrash Metal Club \m/

Hello! So, very soon a new song from Acid Reign will be released called The Man Who Became Himself. This is a thrasher with lots of melody and energy and I can’t wait for you guys to hear it! Not Long now! Keep an eye on the Acid Reign website and Facebook for updates! 

I am Honoured to be featured on this with such amazing musicians and its all for such a great cause! Click the link below to donate

Read for more info

Queensrÿche singer Todd LaTorre Joins Metal All Stars Relief Songs for Steve Grimmett


Queensryche singer Todd LaTorre joins a list a of Metal Titans in the re-recording of three classic Grim Reaper songs that will be made available for purchase digitally and on Vinyl. All proceeds of the songs will go to Steve Grimmett’s (Grim Reaper) medical and recovery costs.

Todd LaTorre spoke to The Metal Voice about joining in on the relief effort

“Grim Reaper was very much a part of my formative metal years! The music has given so much to me, I am proud to be able to give back in any capacity. Wishing Steve the very best!”

The relief project is spearheaded by bassist Tony Dolan from Venom Inc and aided by Neil Turbin (Ex Anthrax, DEATHRIDERS), Sy Keeler (Onslaught official) and Jimmy Kay ( Editor The Metal Voice)

Grim Reaper Songs to be re-recorded, SEE YOU IN HELL, FEAR NO EVIL and THE SHOW MUST GO ON

The Reaper All-Star include Gary Holt (Slayer, Exodus) Tim Ripper Owens (ex-Judas Priest), DORO Pesch, Lips (Anvil), Neil Turbin (Deathriders, ex Anthrax), Tony Dolan (Venom Inc) Ross the Boss (ex Manowar), Marc Jackson (Acid Reign./ M:Pire of Evil), Jonas Hörnqvist (Bleed The Hunger), Sy Keeler (Onslaught), Bobby “Blitz” Ellsworth (Overkill), Marta Gabriel (Crystal Viper), Blaze Bayley (ex Iron Maiden) Nick Bowcott (ex-Grim Reaper), John Gallagher Raven (Raven), Mantas (Venom Inc), Joe Cangelosi (Whiplash, Kreator) Chuck Billy (Testament) Todd LaTorre (Queensryche) and Glen Drover (ex Megadeth) The songs will be produced by Chris Tsangarides (Judas Priest, Thin Lizzy, Anvil Producer )

A Donation page has been set up, to date $14,000 have been raised. Please Donate

Amelia Grimmett
Steve Grimmett’s Grim Reaper

What an incredible experience at Bloodstock Festival 2016 with Acid Reign! 5’000 people going absolutely insane which is a record for the Sophie Lancaster stage, we also set the record for the most crowd surfers which is 265 for the Sophie Lancaster stage too! Thank you all so much for the support and for going as crazy as you did! You all made it a very special one for all of us! A huge thank you goes out to the crew too who were outstanding and treat us amazingly. Cheers Bloodstock!


Not long until Acid Reign headline the Sophie Lancaster stage at Bloodstock this year, so we thought we’d make a promo video….And here it is….Enjoy!


A snippet of the song Nefarious from my band SIN THETA from our upcoming ep. Check it out 🙂 Hope you like it \m


I am pleased to announce that I will be drumming for Hollow Ground at the show at Negasonic Festival in Belgium!